KIN Monitor and KIN Amp Combo


Of course the KIN Amp can drive a multitude of other speakers to provide sensational sound. KIN Monitors can be connected to a collection of amps and play magnificently. But when paired together the result is beyond sensational or magnificent. It’s magical, and borders on musical perfection.

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Additional information

Placement from rear wall

6" – 2' / 15.24 – 60.96 cm

Placement distance apart

3' – 12' / 91.44 – 365.76cm

Break-in Time

50 – 100 hours

Crossover Frequency

2.5 kHz, 1st order compensated


Magnetic Grill, Mini-Jack, Optical cable, Remote control, Self Adhesive Feet, Terminated Speaker Wire

UPC Satin White


UPC Satin Black


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